the difference between a house and a home is the individual style and décor that is brought to it and window treatments can complement any home style.

Window Coverings to a large degree follow current trends in both colour and style from the fashion industry. I would say today’s window coverings focus on simplicity and minimalism with an emphasis on crisp clean lines.

We are seeing a softening trend that comes from layering a shade, blind or even a shutter with side panels, or drapery in either complimentary tones or in patterns that are bold, geometric, floral and colourful. Or simply adding either a soft fabric valance or a padded box valance to the top of a shade to provide and accent or contrast.

  • Bedroom with new decor and plants
  • Master bedroom with new decor
  • Living room with new decor

One of the most popular drapery trends right now is Sheers, Sheers, Sheers… not the fussy, frilly, lacy ones that the word brings to mind, but new sheers with subtle iridescence, or embossed and printed patterns or interwoven with unexpected materials. Banding in both drapery as well as window shades has also made a comeback and can add visual width or height to a room.

One of the fastest growing segments in window shades is the dual Roller shade. Combining alternating bands of solid fabric and sheer, they allow you to view the world outside your window, control lighting or provide you with the privacy that you need – all with a simple pull of a cord.

Which brings us to the basic functions of any window covering. In their origins tapestry’s and draperies were hung to provide insulation to a room during those cold winter days. Today they bring so much more. Not only does any window covering, whether it be drapery, shade, blind or shutter, protect your home from heat and cold (particularly cellular shades), they also protect your furniture and floors from harmful UV rays, and provide noise reduction and light control. Not bad for something that looks that good!

We’re also seeing a trend to more eco-friendly materials and fabrics. Bamboos, Woven Woods and Wood remain a popular choice for blinds as well as drapery rods, but we are also seeing the same trend in fabrics with natural linens and cottons in a complete range of soft muted tones to bright and vibrant colours.