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Windows – they are in almost every room in your home and the first thing that draws your eye. The window treatments you choose for them, be they Blinds, Shades, Shutters or Drapery will enhance and transform your space, altering light, colour and mood.
The way you treat your windows makes a big difference in how you enjoy your home. Done right, window treatments will serve you in a variety of ways:

  • Reduce or enhance the light coming into your rooms at different hours of the day.

  • Provide privacy.

  • Help with temperature control, keeping spaces warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  • Protect your floors, furniture and artwork from harmful UV rays that cause fading.

  • Reflect your unique style and taste, and the look you want in each room.

Inspired Interiors

Let’s start with Blinds and Shades – What is the difference?

Blinds are made of a hard-slatted material – either real wood, faux wood (a composite) or aluminum. The vanes or slats can be adjusted to let in more or less light and the blind can also be fully raised and lowered to suit your needs. If you choose blinds, the slats on aluminum are available in ½ inch, 1 inch and 2 inch. Wood or Faux Wood come in 1 ½”, 2” and 2 ½”. The wider slats give you a more classic look with a better “view through” when in the open position. Keep in mind that for large windows, real wood blinds are much lighter in weight than faux wood. This makes a huge difference when raising or lowering the blind. All blinds are available in a wide variety of colours. Woods and Faux Woods are available in a variety of whites, cream and wood tones to match or compliment your décor.

Shades, on the other hand, are made of softer materials, in one continuous piece with no gaps. These are made in a variety of fabrics – cotton, linen or synthetic and a large selection of colours. Standard Shades can only be raised and lowered – fully opened, partially opened or fully closed. Depending on the type of Shade you choose, there are many “lifting” options to choose from – continuous cord loop, cordless, cordless with lift and lock, wand automation, automation with a remote – add in a hub for full wi-fi connectivity and control your shades remotely from your cell phone or tablet.

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Available in a wide variety of colours, cell sizes, as well as sheer, light filtering and room darkening fabrics. Honeycomb Shades, because of their unique ‘honeycomb’ design, offer some of the best temperature control by insulating with an air pocket between double layers of fabric. They also offer the least amount of light gap on the side of the shade, making them the “go to” for bedrooms and media rooms.


From “Sheerweave” fabrics that allow you to see out but maintain your privacy indoors during the day (the reverse is true at night, so if privacy is needed – other selections would be better suited) to an incredible selection of decorative fabrics in light filtering and room darkening options.

Roller Shades

If you like the option of a Shade, but would still like some “View Though”, then these options will work for you.  The “Silhouette” style Shades, either Silhouette or Nantucket by Hunter Douglas, or similar types by other manufacturers such as Shade-O-Matic, Maxxmar etc. offer two layers of fabric with a sheer that when in the open position allow you to view your outside world through the sheer portion, and offers you complete privacy in the closed position. Alternating Shades are similar, but have two layers of alternating horizontal strips of fabric and sheer. When these are adjusted, they offer “view through” in the open position and privacy in the closed.  Our Showroom has hands on samples of all types of Shades and lifting systems, with experienced Design Consultants and staff able to demonstrate the difference and discuss which options might be best suited to you and your home.

You can always count on shutters to help make the statement you want your home to make. Depending on the style and features you choose, shutters can add a touch of architectural elegance, a bold accent, or the warmth that says “home” (taken from Shade-0-Matic) Shutters are available in Polysatin, Real Wood or Wood Composites with a large selection of whites, soft tones and wood tones to blend our standout with any décor.  Shutters increase the thermal efficiency in both winter and summer and provide 99% UV protection.



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